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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Donald Trump on Global Warming

Several days ago businessman Donald Trump was elected President of The United States. What is he going to do about Climate Change, or Global Warming as he calls it. It's hard to know what Donald Trump is going to do. There is already big promises he made during his campaign that he's already going back on. Do you remember that wall? Well here's some old Tweets he made.

So clearly he doesn't believe Climate Change is happening. Or maybe that's another con he's making. He flirted running for President back in 2012.

But is he going to follow through on his promise to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency? Willie Burnley Jr. wrote an article on ATTN saying no. But he think that like Ronald Reagan he'll slash their budget. He shared this as well.

 Here's Willie Burnley Jr. article.

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