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City of Kotzebue News
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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Interview with Shane M Coughlin

 Here's Shane M Coughlin interviewing me about my involvement with the Howie Hawkins' campaign and how The Green Party of Alaska became involved in The Draft Jesse Movement.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

NXT Halloween Havoc 2020 live Tweets

Thursday, October 22, 2020

#Saraitda (2020) review


Terror Level: Low

I can't imagine this movie being without the Coronavirus pandemic in mind. It's interesting to see a zombie film follow what a person does when all they can do is barricade themselves inside their apartment. What are they going to do all alone when they run out of food, water, companionship and things to do? I think this is the perfect zombie movie for 2020 and it'll be interesting to look back at after the pandemic is over. 8/10.

Apollo 18 (2011) Review


Terror Level: Medium

This film gave actually at points. Being alone out in space with just one other dude on the moon and finding a dead body gives me the chills. The atmosphere scared me more then the actual monsters in the film. You know I thought they were going to make the rocks work as monsters but them transforming into spiders was just too much for me. Plus this could have really worked as a found footage film if there were less movie effects. The Blair Witch Project and Cannibal Holocaust worked because there were minimal special effects used. Anyway I was into the film but I doubt it would hold up with a second viewing. 6/10.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Notes from The Green Party of Alaska’s September general meeting

The meeting began with discussion over The GPAK breaking ranks with the national party when we nominated Jesse Ventura as our presidential nominee. We have been threatened by people in The Hawkins Campaign saying we’d lose accreditation with the national party and we simply do not care. We have had little to no relationship with the nation party and being recognized by them or not changes nothing with what we’ve been doing or what we have planned. Officers in our party have had talks and dealings with The Hawkins Campaign and we simply could not deal with their terrible behavior and their intimidation tactics. Bowing down towards bad actors like that simply goes against The Alaskan Spirit and instead we nominated Jesse Ventura who better represents what Alaskans want from their government. With the Hawkins people taking over the national party we feel it may be necessary to form a new coalition within The Green Party. Several state parties have expressed interest in leaving the national party as well.

People who claim to be the founders of the environmental movement have blamed The Green Party for this nation’s failure to fight climate devastation and we find that absolutely ridicules! These people have been involved far longer in the movement than we have with probably a higher profile than us and where is the country now? We feel this is more “vote blue no matter who” nonsense and they’re making a bad faith argument. Instead of voter shaming these people should push The Democratic Party toward good climate policy but as we seen in the recent presidential debate Joe Biden can’t even be bothered to support The Green New Deal. The truth is The Greens are interested in results and that means either pushing one of the two major parties towards good policy or even winning elections ourselves.

The GPAK believes in community empowerment with us becoming independent by growing our own food and recycling and reusing our waste. While so far Alaska has been mostly isolated from the chaos happening in The Lower 48 States becoming more independent would help us in doing that more so. A long winter is coming where The Federal Government is going to become weak, less effective and we need to do what we can to make sure we can take care of ourselves. And seeing this as a top goal of The GPAK we were happy to nominate Jesse Ventura as our presidential nominee. Governor Ventura truly believes in a government that leaves the population alone to live their best lives that they can. Governor Ventura and we believe you have the right to own a gun, worship any god, love and marry who you want and be who you are as long as you don’t hurt others without government interference.

The next scheduled general meeting is October 6th at 6:00 PM.

For more information on The GPAK contact party Co-Chairman Joshua Hadley by phone by email at

For more information on The Draft Jesse Ventura campaign visit 

Friday, September 25, 2020

People For Jesse Patriotism Mandate flyer


The Green Party of Alaska has drafted Jesse Ventura as our Presidential nominee for The 2020 Election

In his inauguration address John F. Kennedy uttered his famous line “...ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Fifty-nine years later Senator Ed Marky defeated his grandnephew Joe Kennedy in a Massachusetts primary by reversing the phrase "We asked what we could do for our country. We went out, we did it. With all due respect it's time to start asking what your country can do for you." The fact is our government that was created to represent the people is no longer a functioning republic, but rather has devolved into an oligarchy, with our politicians putting themselves up for bid to corporate interests. While families have been struggling in this new depression, the richest people in America have been thriving with their fortunes growing exponentially with billions. President Donald Trump has bungled his response to the Coronavirus pandemic, not only lying about the severity of the situation but also refusing the send free masks to The American People to avoid a panic or rather his reelection chances. The Green Party of Alaska recognizes all this and we know that our system will not be fixed by electing Joe Biden, who is also indentured to special interests. We need to send someone to Washington DC who will fight back against lobbyists and that’s why we’re drafting Jesse Ventura.

“My position is that it isn't government's job to mandate patriotism. To me, mandating a pledge of allegiance to a government is something Saddam Hussein would do.”
For more information contact Green Party of Alaska Co-Chair Joshua Hadley by email at

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

UWN Live 9/15/2020

Sunday, September 6, 2020

AEW All Out Tweets

Thursday, July 9, 2020

2020 Green National Convention Day 1

Today was the first day of The Green Party's National Convention and because of the pandemic it's being done virtually online. I downloaded Zoom and sat through several workshops. I decided to listen though the ones where they talked about running campaigns because I plan on doing that. The first one was Running for Office 101 by Hillary Kane and she brought up very good strategies and getting exposure and making yourself known as a third party candidate. Campaigning In Rural Communities by AJ Reed and that was very good as well. I was in and out of What is a Resource? Digital Organizing Tools for Parties because I had several chores to do. I'm looking forward to joining more of the workshops tomorrow and I'll try to get some questions in next time.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Pictures from my evening walk 6/28/2020

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Fortnite with Chris 6/27/2020

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Fortnite has this huge update because there's a new season and I asked my friends what I should play and I guess they must not like me because they told me to play Zelda II.

I can't be the only one thinking that Link's getting a happy ending there. Anyway I'm running around the two towns in the beginning area I run into a guy that says this.

 What's that about? Must have been something they missed or maybe it's a joke? I don't know.

So when I go into a cave I can almost see nothing because to be able to see enemies in a cave you need a candle. Okay that makes sense but where the heck is Parapa Palace? I can't go anywhere else but the caves unless I'm missing something. So I did struggle though two caves so far and I got items but none of them were the candle. I think I see a palace in the game but I can't get there without the hammer! I'm really lost on what I'm supposed to do in this game.

Pictures from my morning walk 6/26/2020

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Pictures from my evening walk 6/23/2020

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Re-Animator (1985) movie review

Re-Animator is a fun campy film from the mid '80s that's a loose adaptation of some stories H.P. Lovecraft wrote for a magazine. The best thing about this film is they play around with a lot of ideas like what if we bring a person back to life and they keep bringing it up a notch like when they brought Dr. Hill back to life after his head was severed from his body to bringing his body back to life without his head. I really enjoyed just seeing the insanity of what was happening in the film escalate. I really like the practical effects in this film, with the only bad one I can remember was that cat that West brought back to life because the cat didn't look real at all.

This is a fun film but not great. I'm not watching it anytime soon but I might take a look at it again in October. I was able to see it for free on Hulu and if you can I'd recommend it. 7/10.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Pictures from my morning walk 6/11/2020

I just joined The DSA

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Protests would not be this widespread if Americans were taken care of

Right now we're seeing mass protests around the country with a couple of people looting and destroying property. I'll say people shouldn't be violent but at the end of the day you have to do what you have to do. I'm not here to say any that is necessary but instead could have been prevented by our government.

Despite the fake inflated numbers we see from The DOW Jones our economy is crashing and we're going to see greater unemployment numbers during this pandemic than what we had during The Great Depression in the 1930s. There were several ideas on how to combat this in the hope that this pandemic would only last a few months, we'd flatten the curve and even with some precautionary measures being taken like people continuing to socially distance most people would be able to go back to work. The most biggest idea was implementing a Universal Basic Income during this pandemic so even if someone lost their job or was temporally laid off they can continue to feed their family and not worry about having to get sick. Doing that would have really helped the businesses that did go bankrupt in the last few months because people would have had some type of income to spend. Sadly our government isn't beholden to the people but rather to their pay masters like Boeing.

Our government gave trillions to corporations and gave The American People scraps of a one time payment of $1,000 if you didn't make too much money which is funny because if you're a person who makes too much money you get nothing but all these companies get most of the money because they can afford to buy off a congressmen off. The fact we're in a pandemic in which we just had over 100,000 Americans died from and all these protests are happening but the numbers for the stock markets have been going up show the people at Wall Street know they're going to be taken care of. It doesn't matter that a lot of people live paycheck to paycheck Congress had to make sure to help out their pay masters first.

With these protests we're seeing the blow back to all of that corruption in Washington DC. I'm not saying that no protests would be happening right now but you wouldn't see it on this scale. If people felt like the government was there for them and on their side you wouldn't see people rioting on the streets. Lets face the fact that every one in five people are unemployed right now and Congress did little to nothing to help them out. If we were doing UBI and giving people $2,000 a month do you think we'd see any of the looting, property damage and rioting? Of course we wouldn't because even though we'd still be in the middle of a pandemic they would still have a source of income and they're not going to stand up against something that allows them to feed themselves and their families.

Pictures from my morning walk 6/4/2020

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Police acting like thugs isn't going to solve anything

Last week police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota killed George Floyd after he was put under arrest for using a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. After that incident mass protests began to erupt all over the country. At this point many people have been pushed to the edge as we see mass unemployment and probably many people suffering from cabin fever from the pandemic leading to some riots and looting. I'll say nobody should be violent for no reason unless you have to protect yourself, your rights and freedoms then you have to do what you have to do. Sadly what we are seeing from many cops around this country just like with George Floyd they are taking things too far and it makes me think they either don't understand how we got here or they don't care. Acting like thugs and attacking people indiscriminately isn't going to solve anything and only throw gas onto the flame.