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Friday, November 3, 2017

Tax cuts do not create jobs

I, and I'm sure many of you, pay a lot in federal taxes. It's about a quarter of our pay check. We've even made a joke of it at work. Whenever someone would say another day another dollar I'd replay with 75 cents after taxes.

But taxes are not bad. I like it when our tax money goes to pay for infrastructure like roads. I like helping people who need a hand out. I think they're doing to much but we need to pay for The Military too. Not wanting to have taxes is childish. You can't have the candy bar unless you pay for it.

The problem is the corporate elite are able to pay off politicians to get the candy bar without paying for it. Some of these billion dollar corporations are actually able to get tax money instead of paying out. Sometimes this comes with the promise of creating jobs.

Football season has started so lets use The NFL as an example. In 1995 The NFL has the city of St. Louis build it a new stadium for The Rams. The idea was to keep The Rams in the city so that St. Louis can continue to make money off of having The Rams there.

Of course The Rams and The NFL decide that they need to move to LA instead despite the fact that St. Louis poured billions of dollars into the stadium. And this should tell you companies and giant corporations are not your friend. St. Louis gave the money but The Rams moved elsewhere anyway.

A few years ago we gave a tax break to oil companies. I bet many of us were expecting economic growth for the state and maybe a job or two. Didn't happen. Why not? We the price of oil dropped. So what happened after that? All the oil companies ran away. It didn't matter how nice we were to them. They needed to do what they needed to so they ran away from The North Slope.

First that shows you that tax cuts do not create jobs. Demand does. It doesn't matter how much in tax cuts we can give if someone can't make money or not enough money it isn't going to magically appear. And companies are not here out of the kindness of their hearts. They're here to make a buck. And that's fine. We're all interested in making money. But we don't have to give our land and our oil away cheaply.

Here's another video on FedEx and UPS.

Kentucky gave nearly two million dollars to create 12 jobs. Or there's even the worse story of Tennessee giving 14 and a half million dollars to create zero jobs. That's right zero.

It's okay that these companies want to make money. Like I said it's what we all want to do. But why should they get a tax break and we all have to pay most if not all our taxes? Why should they get subsidies without proving they can make jobs to begin with? I think the Indiana story is great. They could have gotten an additional 8 million dollars but they didn't want to create the jobs to do it. It's because they were not interested in making more jobs they just wanted the money.

Second point. Wouldn't be easier if we didn't give them money only to have them stab us in the back? These companies should go to banks to gain more capital instead of going to our politicians. The reason they don't is because they would have to pay the banks back.

If The Rams and The NFL built their own stadium in St. Louis instead of having taxpayers fund it than they could leave. Sure there would still be hard feelings from fans but there wouldn't be any care for a lawsuit and St. Louis wouldn't look like a bunch of idiots for funding this thing and having it thrown in their face. The Rams were there to make money, not to be their friend.

A major reason I'm running is because right now we're in talks to open ANWR for drilling. I'm sure we're going to hear that so and so needs a tax cut or some money to create jobs. I'm telling you to not believe them. If they don't have the money than they shouldn't be here. If they want our oil than we should make them pay for it. These companies are not our friends. If we open up ANWR they'll be here to make money. And that's okay. But we shouldn't let them take us for suckers.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The ending of Wonder Woman got it backwards

This is going to be the first time I have talked about movies on my blog. I love movies and I'd like to talk about them more often. I think the best movies can transcend entertainment and become something that can teach us. In fact that is true for any media. The original Twilight Zone series is my favorite TV show ever. The video game Undertale is fantastic.

I remember listening to Ralph Nader's radio show and he said he didn't like superhero films because it's not healthy to think that we need someone to do everything for us and to save us when we should all be working together to achieve out goals. I agree with what he said but I'm fine with watching or doing something just for the sake of entertainment.

I think Wonder Woman could have been one of those movies that transcended it's entertainment aspect and been something really meaningful. But that's not where they took the movie.

I'm talking about the ending of Wonder Woman so obviously there's going to be spoilers. If you want to watch the movie first for yourself I suggest you stop here.

Diana is obsessed with killing Aries, The God of War. She thinks killing him will release his influence on humanity and the World War will end. Steve Trevor on the other hand thinks that he needs to destroy this deadly gas weapon that Ludendorff wants to use as an ace up his sleeve.

So Wonder Woman kills Ludendorff. But that doesn't stop the war obviously. So Trevor scarifies his own life to destroy the deadly gas weapon. It turns out though Ludendorff was not Aries but someone else was and shows up just to do battle with Diana. So the movie climax is the typical meta human battle. Diana kills Ares and everyone lives happily ever after.

That's completely backwards if you ask me.

I seen all of the DCEU movie and war doesn't end after Aries dies. So the ending of Wonder Woman conflicts with the other movies. So why would the war stop with Aries dead. Unless Steve was right and him taking out the deadly gas was the key to peace.

To make scene you'd only have to move some events around.

All these DCEU movies have to have some meta human battle. Okay. So Diana shows up and battles the real Aries. Then she could have asked why the war hasn't stopped yet. Steve comes in and tells her that killing one person was never going to stop the war. Then you have Steve sacrifice himself to stop the bomber with the gas weapons. Wonder Woman kills Ludendorff. That leaves Germany to continue it's peace negotiations.

See not that much needed to be changed in the storytelling. But it would have made the climax more meaningful.

Diana would have learned that she needs to do more than just kill on person to end a war. Especially World War One. The reason these wars start are not cut and dry.

It would have shown that Aries was right. He didn't make humans go to war he simply gave them better tools to kill each other. And after this movie they create more deadly weapons. So we didn't even need Aries' help to kill each other. And this would have made more sense going into the DCEU movies which are set in the present day. War hasn't ended in these films.

And doing this would have changed up the formula for ending all these movies will a meta human battles. I never found any of them to be entertaining. And even if they were it's good to do something different anyway.

When it comes to it's ending Wonder Woman played it safe. And to me that's not what the character is about. She's rebellious and she stands up for what she think is right. The reason she became popular in the first place was because DC tried something different and made a comic book about a woman punching Nazis in the face. Her gender made her different than Superman and Captain America. This would have been the pefect movie to divert from what is usually done in the DCEU movies.

I know I made a lengthy post about this movie. I'll end by saying that I did have fun watching this film. And that's why I feel so strongly about the ending because I do feel it would have even been better had they changed some things around.

It's not saying much but Wonder Woman is the best DCEU movie so far. I'd recommend that you check it out.

Friday, October 20, 2017

On The Campaign Trail 2018 10/20/2017

Just a few days ago I started doing the first door to door campaigning for my 2018 bid for Alaska House District 40's seat in the House of Representatives. All I did really was go around the block and tell my friends and family that I was running. And most people I talked to wanted to sign my pension to run. Some people don't like Dean Westlake. Some people would actually like some kind of democracy for our elections instead of just handing our seat to whoever wins the Democratic Primary. A lot of people just like me.

I'm far from ready to run but I just wanted to get out and do something. Well I'm also reading How To Win A Local Election by Judge Lawrence Grey and maybe that wasn't the best thing to do.

I didn't know how useful this book would be to me. When I was looking at books I could read on how to run a campaign there were a ton of them! So I decided this should be one of them because most of my campaigning will probably be done in Kotzebue. Certainly I want to go to the surrounding villages and elsewhere in the district but without a road to anywhere it's going to be expensive. But it's not like I'm running for President or Governor. The title grabbed my attention and it got good reviews from both sides of the political spectrum. So I bought it. I got to say for a political novice like me this book has really useful information about the pitfalls someone like me might and probably would have fell into.

I read that the minimum signatures I needed to get was 50. Sometimes I forgot to ask people if they were a registered voter. There were plenty of people who are excited about my bid to run but when I asked them the question if they were registered to vote in they revealed they were either not or were not registered voters in this district.

And to be honest the other day I didn't ask the question. I just let people sign. So what if I got 50 signatures but all 50 were not good? Well my plan was to get 100 signatures so that even if 10 of them were bad I'd still have 90 good signatures and that's more than enough to get me on the ballot. Or so thought.

Reading How To Win A Local Election I'm finding out something like that might have been used to keep me off the ballot. There are examples of people not getting on a ballot because of one or two bad signatures. And there's examples of a candidate losing his shot on getting on a ballot because they got a minimum amount of signatures and one person says they take back their endorsement and that ends their campaign.

If started to gather signatures in May and found out something like this it could have been the end of my campaign. Or even more embarrassing I could have turned in bad signatures and that would have been the end of my run as well. It doesn't matter what good intentions I have. I could have been dead in the water.

I don't think this is all bad either. A way of looking at this is this a system that weeds out bad candidates. If you're not willing to work hard and do it right you don't deserve to be in office let alone run for it.

But we're all human. I imagine I'll make mistakes on whatever road I take. We all do. Thankfully I started early.

I'm not discouraged at all and I don't see the work I did the other day as in vain. Now more people know I'm running and I saw who was excited about me. And lets be real I'd have no chance on winning if all I was planning to do was reach out to 50 people alone. There's many more doors to knock on and more signatures to get.

I'm completely new to this but that won't work as an excuse if I slip up somewhere. I think I'm going to finish this book before I knock on door again.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Does our money belong to us or the government?

Let me ask you something. When you work who owns the fruits of your labor? If you watch KTUU and read ADN you'll see the argument being made that your money really belongs to the government and after they eat their share they'll hand you whatever scraps are leftover.

Well I say if they really want my money they can do my job for me. Then they can keep however much money they want. I wonder how that deal would work for them?

There's some drama going on about The PFD. The State is in a budget crisis and is wondering how to save it. All the solutions I'm hearing from the media is that they need to take the money from either working Alaskans or raise the price of goods. Boy that's quite the deal we're getting!

But what was The PFD supposed to be about anyway? It was giving us the money The Oil Industry made off our lands. Obviously they're not doing so hot right now. Or well it would seem that way if you just watch KTUU. Lets not forget it's a billion dollar industry.

And our government doesn't seem too concerned over taking their money over ours. In fact Dean Westlake voted to give them a 10% tax cut while giving us a income tax. Doesn't seem like he wants us to do the heavy lifting for them?

Anyway let's face the fact that The PFD was not created as a social program where the working folk all pitch in a pot to give everyone $1,000 a year. But that's what our state government wants us to do. The argument is that it'll help the poor. And sure $1,000 is a lot of money but who's going to live on such a amount in the course of a full year?

Don't get me wrong I'm all for helping people out. I'll admit I'm a young guy but in my experience just handing people money who could work doesn't improve their lives. As the old saying goes easy come easy go. My experience is a majority of the time they'll keep coming back for more until you say no.

What's wrong with Alaska's government is that they don't have the backbone to say no. Certainly people say they need The PFD. They also say they need a cigarette or to be spotted $20. Is Dean Westlake going to do that for them as well?

But it doesn't take that much backbone to steal from people. And that's what they want to do! They just call it a income tax or a sales tax. If the government were really concerned with what was right and stand by what The PFD was created for the money being handed out each year in The PFD would decrease. The better the oil industry does the higher it should be. And it should be lower during times like this.

Let's ask ourselves the question are we going to let ourselves be fooled and intimated into something that's unfair? Nobody in the media is serious questioning the move for The PFD from being a form of rent on the oil industry to a social program. And it's not even a good social program!

Education and helping people find jobs in the work place is far more important than The PFD. Welfare for those who actually need it is more important than just giving everyone money every year.

Lets stand up for the working class who should be able to keep the fruits of their labor. Lets make a better budget aimed towards a better future for Alaska. Lets balance the damn thing too.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

People living in The Arctic know Climate Change is happening

Oh Thursday I went to The Northwest Arctic Heritage Center or as most of you know it The New Museum. The University of Alaska put on this little presentation of their project called Northern Alaska Sea Ice Project Jukebox. What they're doing is gathering up an oral history of Arctic sea ice. They have audio files that date back to the 1970s.

And from all the interviews that they done and we can go back to what did they find out. Well it just proved what we knew already. The ice is getting thinner every year. There's no question about it. You should go onto their site and check it out. Our culture has a long history of passing information on via oral communication. So what UAF is doing is very cool. I suggest checking out their website and maybe lending them a helping hand. They said next month they'll be looking for someone to fly a drone in Kotzebue to take footage of the sound.

Project Jukebox's website

In the May 18th edition of The Arctic Sounder there was a story about when The Arctic Nations met up with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

At that meeting Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Elisabeth Wallstorm cited that the economic costs of climate change is 90 trillion dollars!

And many other voiced their concern for a warmer climate. Here's Rex Tillerson's response to them:

"You should know we are taking the time to understand your concerns. We're not going to rush to make a decision. We're going to make the right decision for The United States."

The right decision for The United States... What does that mean? Maybe to him that means opening up ANWR for oil exploration. Maybe it's protecting his besom buddies in Exxon from scientists.

That's right The Republican Congress is opening up scientists to be sued by corporations that poison our environment. If you ask their priorities are backwards. Why should they be allowed to sue? It was decided to Kialina didn't have the right to sue Exxon for all the damage they had done.

So what's everyone else doing? China and India are trying to hold their end of the deal of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Something needs to be done.

Friday, May 5, 2017

When big money is spent in political campaigns our voices get faded out

When money talks democracy walks. When special interests and lobbyists pay off our politicians we lose our voice. That isn't their first amendment rights being protected that's ours being stomped on.

Have you ever donated to a political campaign before? Politicians ask for money all the time because they need it to run their campaigns. And they pay attention who's giving them money. You don't think that's true then put yourself in their shoes. So you get 12 emails from 12 different people from your district. Maybe you don't have time to go through all of them. You see who sent them and one of those 12 gave $1,000 to your campaign while you were running. Who are you going to listen to?

That's just the reality of our political system.

Okay so lets move you from being the politician to the person that gave $1,000. Maybe that's a stretch for you. Who's got the kind of money to be wasting on a campaign? You got bills to pay for and there's things that you want to get to enjoy your life. But lets say what this person said really grabbed you and you decided they spoke to you in such a way that you needed to give them $1,000. I bet it would make you really happy that person got elected.

Well with The Supreme Court's Citizen's United ruling back in 2012 and the creation of Super PACs the super rich have been able to hand politicians millions of dollars. That would have been illegal a year or two before that ruling!

Okay back to our scenario. You gave a candidate $1,000. But is he or she going to win with that alone? No you need to get your friends involved. Will they be willing to give $1,000? Probably not. Heck I be there are some friends you can't even get to spot you $10. But for the sake of argument lets say you guys and gals are really behind that person so you each give $1,000 to a candidate. That would be $12,000.

Giving money to a candidate to get them to pay attention to you works. It really does and I kind of had to happen to me before without knowing that I would get some attention.

Bernie Sanders ran for President last year. I was all for him so I donated several hundred dollars to his campaign. I was so excited about his campaign that I switched my party affiliation to The Democratic Party so I can vote for him in Alaska's Democratic Party Primary. And something weird happened. I got a call about someone who wanted me to campaign for Sanders. I was excited about it and even though it was 20 below outside I knocked door to door telling people why they needed to support Sanders.

But why was his campaign interested? This was Kotzebue, Alaska after all. A town of only 3,000 people. I only gave a few hundred dollars. Well I talked to the other people campaigning for him and they also gave money and some were in the hundreds as well. Because we collectedly gave money to The Sanders Campaign from Kotzebue it got us noticed. We were never really asked what our opinions were. They just wanted to know if we'd get more involved in helping Sanders win Alaska's primary. And several us were all for helping out even more.

So what about Hillary Clinton? Did she send someone to Kotzebue to help the people show her side and what she stood for? No it didn't happen.

Why wasn't she campaigning as strongly as Sanders was in Kotzebue?

It's not for a lack of support. In the caucus she nearly split the delegates. Had she got a few more people to go to her side Sanders won't have gotten all the delegates in our caucus. Why wasn't that important to her?

The conclusion that we came to was there wasn't a significant amount of money coming from Kotzebue to Hillary for her to care. That's logical. She had to concentrate on winning primaries that she could win. If her supporters there were not interested enough in giving a little bit of money than she can't waste her resources trying to fight an uphill battle in a state that hasn't voted Democrat in half a century.

It's better than thinking she just didn't care at all. Maybe she really did think she had the election in the bag and that's why she didn't go to states like Michigan.

Okay so lets continue our scenario from before. You and your friends given a candidate $12,000. That's a lot of money. Think of the things you could have done with $12,000 otherwise but you got together and decided you needed to support this person in getting a political office. So why did you give that money. Lets just take a random issue. It's just a scenario after all. Let's say Gun Rights. You and your 11 friends are hunters. You go out every year to help feed your family and you don't want your second amendment right to a fire arm to be messed with.

So you and your 11 friends got together and raised $12,000 to give to this candidate since he or she they will stand your second amendment right to own a fire arm.

Well your candidate decides he or she needs a Super PAC to raise more money. And because they created a Super PAC maybe one rich person who doesn't like the second amendment decides to give them one million dollars.

Okay lets say one group gives you $12,000 and a person with a different view giver you $1,000,000. Who are you going to listen to?

That one rich person has drowned you and your friend's voice with money. How are you supposed to compete with that? That isn't them expressing their first amendment right. That's a infringement on yours.

To prove a point back in the 2012 election Bill Maher announced he gave one million dollars to Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Like Bill Maher or not is this what you want? The super rich getting together and making demands of our politicians rather than we the people?

So why did Bernie Sanders take notice of us? Well he decided the moral thing to do was not start up a Super PAC and raise money from the people in the traditional way that was done before the 2012 ruling of Citizens United.

So Sanders needed to go to the people for his campaign cash. Hillary Clinton on the other hand did have Super PACs and got money from them. We never saw her people come to Kotzebue.

I was talking to this to one of my co-workers and asked how are campaigns going to raise enough money for TV ads. Like they didn't exist before. And I asked him back is that what we really need was more campaign ads. Just look at this one.

The ad played over and over again before the 2016 election. Is that more of what we need?

Syria is in a 4 way war that we shouldn't be involved in

Just who's side are we on when it comes to The Syrian Civil War? We all know for sure that we don't like The Islamic State. We have also bombed The Syrian Government recently. So that leaves the two rebel groups.

Our Turkish allies don't get along with our Kurd allies. What are we going to do about it? Why do we have to do something about it? How is helping Syria helping us? How did helping South Vietnam help us? How did rebuilding Iraq help us? How did creating a void of leadership in Libya help us? Why do we have to involve ourselves in foreign conflicts that have absolutely nothing to do with us?

Also why are we trying to make enemies out of counties that are no threat to us what so ever?

When are we going to stop getting ourselves needlessly involved?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our government is being bought

Last night I started reading When Money Talks by Derek Chessman and I have to say it's a real eye opener. The book covers the money spent on politics and the bogus argument that money is speech.

Going though chapter 1 it's interesting to see how our free speech is regulated and rightfully so. You know you shouldn't be yelling profanities while going down the street. While there's many other ways it's regulated such as the volume we speak or where we do it. And it's all justified to protect other's property rights and their well being.

But what has happened recently is that our voice is being drowned by large corporations thanks to The Citizens United ruling by The Supreme Court.

It shouldn't be no surprise to any of you that our congressmen are being bought off. My question to you though is why do we take it? Well I say it's time to take action and people are as you are reading this.

I announced that I'm running for office and I know it's going to be hard. I'm someone who has worked for everything I have. And I feel that people will be behind me if this state income tax does pass and it begins to hurt them in their pocket books.

Recently former President Barack Obama has taken $400,000 to make a speech to the same Wall Street bankers that crashed our economy back in 2008.

We elected him to do something about the banks that crashed our economy. Instead what happened was they got a bail out and now the too big to fail banks are bigger than ever!

This is why I left The Democratic Party. They were supposedly for the people but that ended up not being very true. I'd rather get my support from the people rather than trying to line my own pockets from special interests.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dean Westlake is trying to pass the buck onto us

The Alaska State Government is trying to figure out a new income tax. I understand what their thinking is. We're facing a budget crisis.

But what about the oil industry?

Well lets be a little fair here. The House is trying to lower or get rid of subsides for the oil industry. Which is great news. We're all in this together and we should all give up something to help the team right?

"HB 111 also lowers the profits tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent."
 Oh well look who won the pony there.

The working folk gets taxed more with a new state income tax while the oil industry gets a lower tax rate at 10 percent!?!?

I want someone to comment and defend this. Go ahead tell me how it's fair.

It's not just taxes. I have a commercial driver's licence. I live in Kotzebue, Alaska. Five years ago I got my licence in Kotzebue. But now with there being no DMV where I live I have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a flight down to Anchorage. Oh and if I feel like it maybe I could pay for a hotel and some food too.

And imagine if you live in one our the surrounding villages! You have to pay for a flight to Kotzebue then another to Anchorage.

So we get taxes more while getting less. The oil industry gets less taxes.

You might be telling me "Oh well they get less subsides. So they're giving up something too."

 Well look won the pony there.

Dean is looking not only to give them a lower tax rate but he's also looking to open ANWR for the oil industry where they could make billions and billions of dollars off our oil.

Dean Westlake didn't go to Juneau to fight for you and me. He's helping the oil industry take our land. If you ask me I think it's about time to dump Dean.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dean Westlake trying to open up oil drilling in ANWR while also cutting taxes

Our representative Dean Westlake has a solution to our budget crisis in Alaska. It's more spending and tax cuts! Whoa look at who won the pony there. Dean has the same plan our federal government came up with to fix our debt.

Just think about it. If you you're in debt and owe a lot of money how do you fix that? If you ask Dean what you do it cut your income while also increasing the spending that you're doing. What nonsense! He's also cutting the money we bring into the region from outside hunters by banning people from hunting here unless you're somehow related. Well I guess Dean doesn't listen to KOTZ radio because they said that wasn't really a solution to the problem of the dwindling herd.

And when did tax cuts for the oil industry create any jobs? Bill Walker said this state is better for business because of the low tax rate we already had. Yet what happened to all the jobs? I'll tell you if you don't already know. They went away! Once oil prices dropped and a lot of the oil industry took their jobs and ran. Tax cuts don't create jobs. Demand does!

Can tax cuts bring back the VCR industry? Maybe if we cut some taxes early in the last decade Blockbuster wouldn't have died out. How ridiculous.

Our PFDs were slashed in half by Bill Walker. In Kotzebue we don't have a DMV for most of the year. Since we don't get all those services why don't we get tax break? Maybe it's because we're not lobbying Representative Westlake?

Is Fox News as we know it coming to an end?

It's no secret, at least to a good number of people, that Fox News is the worst of the worst when it comes to The Corporate Media. I'm not talking about the fact they have a bias towards The Republican Party. No it's when you look at the viewers they're the least informed. They're less informed than the people who are watching CNN and NBC.

Recently Bill O'Reilly got into trouble. No it wasn't for touching himself while making phone calls to women. Fox couldn't employ him anymore because all the advertisers were leaving. His rating were going up because of the controversy. But all the extra viewers don't mean anything if all the ad revenue goes anyway.

You remember when NBC demoted Brian Williams because he lied about being on a helicopter in Iraq or something. I can't remember what it was and I don't care. My point is while NBC made a big deal out of their anchor lying while Fox stood behind O'Reilly and all his controversies and sexual harassment against women. No they helped O'Reilly by making settlements with the people he victimized.

What Bill O'Reilly did for years to women was okay because that's just the culture over there at Fox News. And it shouldn't surprise anyone they put profit over anything else there.

If you asked me before I'd tell you that Fox News would be okay. But it now it's reveled that Fox is in trouble for covering up the settlement payments they were making for O'Reilly.

Dwight Eisenhower on the insanity of war

On Saturday's Ralph Nader Radio Hour Nader suggested that we go on YouTube and listen to President Eisenhower's Cross of Iron speech. Here it is:

Ike hit the nail on the head there. It's about time we looked at all the military spending as wasteful. Is it really necessary to spend more money on our military than the next 11 countries combined?

Who is a threat to us right now?

The Islamic State? False! What capability do they have to attack The United States? Sure they were able to brainwash some our our citizens but they haven't been able to send their people here. Do you really think a angry terrorist is really going to go through a 3 year wait to get here as a refugee? You're out your mind if you think so.

The Syrian Government? No.

North Korea? Heck they can't even build a missile that can get off the ground! The people of North Korea can't have lights at night. The leader Little Kim is just a punk. Seriously what can they do against us? The idea that North Korea is any kind of threat to us is a lie; a lie that playing into the hands of Little Kim and the Neo-Cons over here.

Back before Dwight Eisenhower left The White House as President he warned of The Military Industrial Complex.

Donald Trump crying about how our government works

Trump has showed in the past that he can't handle criticism of him or even jokes about him. Remember when he attempted to sue Bill Maher when he suggested that his father was a chimpanzee? It's a silly joke and one no one would take seriously... except for Donald Trump. And Trump wasn't a private citizen. Remember he was a big reality TV show star on NBC so there's going to be people that make jokes about him.

Apparently Reince Priebus has said Trump and his gang has looked into either amending or abolishing the first amendment! This should surprise anyone. With his unprovoked attacks on The Syrian Government he clearly doesn't understand what his power is in The Constitution or he just doesn't care.

Don't forget he's very thinned skinned. It's rather ironic his supporters use the word snowflake to describe their opponents while Donald Trump is probably the biggest "snowflake" of all. Don't say something bad about him or he might sue you!

Will Donald Trump be able to do something about The First Amendment? Probably nothing about The Constitution itself no. But The United States have been able to bypass it with it's War on Truth the last several years. People have been jailed over telling the truth.

Can you believe? Donald Trump has a Republican lead House and Senate and he's crying about it. Did he think he was being elected King of The United States?

Monday, May 1, 2017

The United States vs. The Truth

There's been a war The United States has been waging for a long time. No I'm not talking about the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan. No there's been a war on truth by The United States.

There were two episodes of Ron Paul's Liberty Report that covered this war. This first one features former CIA Officer John Kiriakou. He was jailed for reveling that The CIA was torturing people and that George W. Bush ordered it.

And our course there's Wikileaks. Donald Trump goes from being a big fan to not so much when he gets into office. Also Julian Assange talks about The CIA's current attempt to re-brand the publisher to attack it as if it was a enemy intelligence agency.

No thanks Steven Mnuchin

Former Goldman Sachs banker and current Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin went to Wall Street managers and told them they should thank him for financial deregulation. He's gone out of way to help his pals get better stocks.

Don't forget who crashed our economy. It was the too big to fail banks like Goldman Sachs who are still to big to fail! It should surprise no one that he went to Washington to help his bosom buddies.

If you thought Donald Trump was going to Washington to "drain the swap" well you were conned. His administration is the most terrible one in the history of our country. Just look at who he's looking out for in this video.

It's a long video so I understand if you don't watch it. So I'll talk about one of the things he said here.

He said getting rid of The Estate Tax, or as I like to call it The Billionaires Tax, will help farmers. Is there farmers out there that have this much money? I think I'm detecting a lie here.

Also he said getting rid of The Billionaires Tax will help people who worked hard for their money. That's not true at all! I work hard for my money but none of my taxes are going done if The Billionaires Tax is taken away. You know who it would help a lot? Someone like Paris Hilton. Has she ever had a hard day of work in her life? Like her or not I think the answer is no. Oh and it would also help Donald Trump a lot too. Look at who won the pony there.

And since the super rich will pay less taxes under The Trump plan guess who has carry more of the load? Hard working people like you and me.

No thanks Steven Mnuchin.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

I didn't get any change and I lost all my hope

In 2008 I was in high school anBarack Obama was talking about hope and change. And I bought into that.

So Obama was elected on that; hope and change. We needed change badly after George W. Bush disastrous terms in The White House. He'd brought us into two wars we were losing badly and he had crashed our economy.

So what did Obama change? We're still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't forget he also destroyed Libya's government and now Boko Haram is a big problem. And the bank are too big to fail! Nothing was done to prevent another financial crisis like the one we had in 2008!

People were speculating what Obama might do now that's he's out of office. Well he decided he'd follow in Hillary Clinton's footsteps.

So Obama is taking money from the Wall Street bankers that destroyed our economy back in 2008. And if we give them the chance they'll do it all over again.

If The Democratic Party wants to lose to Donald Trump in 2020 like they did last year they might as well just follow in Clinton and Obama's footsteps.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

You're only helping Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter was supposed to speak at The University of California, Berkeley but there was threats of protest. There seems to be this idea at collage campuses that there needs to be a safe place from outside ideas that go against your own.

So what has making Coulter call off her speech done? It's made her relevant! All she ever does is spew nasty nonsense and that's why the right loves her! They don't agree with anything she has to say but she gets herself in the news by saying these things and making you angry.

You don't have to agree with anything she's saying but The Constitution protects everyone's right to speak freely. She has a right to offend. You don't have a right to not be offended.

So am I saying you shouldn't be offended by what she says? No I'm not. You shouldn't like anything she's trying to say if you're Conservative or Liberal.

What's her ultimate goal? To get attention. And now you given it to her.

You just have to ask yourself who is Ann Coulter? If you ask me she's some lady who has written some really stupid books. That's all she is. She didn't have any power over you. She wasn't that relevant. So let her speak!

Why do we protest Donald Trump? Because he's The President! Why do we go to town hall meetings to give congressmen a piece of our minds? Because they have power in government and we put them in the position to represent us.

If your co-worker says something dumb at work do you protest them? No you don't. Why? Because they don't have power over you.

The First Amendment protects everyone's right to free speech. If you're going to protest someone you should be smart about it. There's more to do on a Thursday than protest Ann Coulter like studying for your finals or going out to watch a movie.

A Climate March happened today

Another march happened today and it was for Climate Change. People who been on this blog before know that I'm someone who supports the battle against Climate Change and it's deniers. People who were marching in Washington DC were hit with record heat.

Some people's argument in government and the Corporate Media is that it snows outside so Climate Change is fake news.

So what's the argument from the other side? Let's be fair and share a video from the other side.

It's the Climate Change has always changed. In the video the man says extreme weather over the years has gotten better which isn't true. He's laying or pulling information out of his rear end.

And they seem to push Science like it's some kind of religion but it's funny they won't hold Christianity to the same task.

You don't have to take the majority of scientists word on this. Look at what's happening to Kivalina or South Florida. These places are suffering from rising oceans. And you can look at the fact that The Arctic Sea ice keeps getting thinner and smaller every year. Maybe if someone is dumb enough to challenge you on that you should just explain to them when ice melts in their cups of water or soda that the drink will get warmer. Tell them to go ahead and test that theory out.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Why is The Republican Party so tribal?

So we're over 100 days in Donald Trump's presidency and my life hasn't really changed. So far there's nothing huge I can blame on Trump or praise him for. I guess he did kill the TPP which Hillary Clinton was all for. That was really good.

But my life hasn't changed. I live in the same world. I live with the same economy.

But that's not true if you ask Republican voters. The economy is much better than Obama's just 100 days into The Trump Presidency they seem to think.

It's not just that but Syria seems to be a real problem not that Obama is out of The White House. I don't know what's changed in the last 100 days but take a look at this poll.

This is why it's so frustrating to talk to Republicans. The discussion on their side isn't about policy but rather it's about party.

If you ask me this is even crazier than nationalism. All it took was a change in The White House for these people to change their minds.