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City of Kotzebue News
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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dean Westlake trying to open up oil drilling in ANWR while also cutting taxes

Our representative Dean Westlake has a solution to our budget crisis in Alaska. It's more spending and tax cuts! Whoa look at who won the pony there. Dean has the same plan our federal government came up with to fix our debt.

Just think about it. If you you're in debt and owe a lot of money how do you fix that? If you ask Dean what you do it cut your income while also increasing the spending that you're doing. What nonsense! He's also cutting the money we bring into the region from outside hunters by banning people from hunting here unless you're somehow related. Well I guess Dean doesn't listen to KOTZ radio because they said that wasn't really a solution to the problem of the dwindling herd.

And when did tax cuts for the oil industry create any jobs? Bill Walker said this state is better for business because of the low tax rate we already had. Yet what happened to all the jobs? I'll tell you if you don't already know. They went away! Once oil prices dropped and a lot of the oil industry took their jobs and ran. Tax cuts don't create jobs. Demand does!

Can tax cuts bring back the VCR industry? Maybe if we cut some taxes early in the last decade Blockbuster wouldn't have died out. How ridiculous.

Our PFDs were slashed in half by Bill Walker. In Kotzebue we don't have a DMV for most of the year. Since we don't get all those services why don't we get tax break? Maybe it's because we're not lobbying Representative Westlake?

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