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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Is Fox News as we know it coming to an end?

It's no secret, at least to a good number of people, that Fox News is the worst of the worst when it comes to The Corporate Media. I'm not talking about the fact they have a bias towards The Republican Party. No it's when you look at the viewers they're the least informed. They're less informed than the people who are watching CNN and NBC.

Recently Bill O'Reilly got into trouble. No it wasn't for touching himself while making phone calls to women. Fox couldn't employ him anymore because all the advertisers were leaving. His rating were going up because of the controversy. But all the extra viewers don't mean anything if all the ad revenue goes anyway.

You remember when NBC demoted Brian Williams because he lied about being on a helicopter in Iraq or something. I can't remember what it was and I don't care. My point is while NBC made a big deal out of their anchor lying while Fox stood behind O'Reilly and all his controversies and sexual harassment against women. No they helped O'Reilly by making settlements with the people he victimized.

What Bill O'Reilly did for years to women was okay because that's just the culture over there at Fox News. And it shouldn't surprise anyone they put profit over anything else there.

If you asked me before I'd tell you that Fox News would be okay. But it now it's reveled that Fox is in trouble for covering up the settlement payments they were making for O'Reilly.

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