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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Donald Trump crying about how our government works

Trump has showed in the past that he can't handle criticism of him or even jokes about him. Remember when he attempted to sue Bill Maher when he suggested that his father was a chimpanzee? It's a silly joke and one no one would take seriously... except for Donald Trump. And Trump wasn't a private citizen. Remember he was a big reality TV show star on NBC so there's going to be people that make jokes about him.

Apparently Reince Priebus has said Trump and his gang has looked into either amending or abolishing the first amendment! This should surprise anyone. With his unprovoked attacks on The Syrian Government he clearly doesn't understand what his power is in The Constitution or he just doesn't care.

Don't forget he's very thinned skinned. It's rather ironic his supporters use the word snowflake to describe their opponents while Donald Trump is probably the biggest "snowflake" of all. Don't say something bad about him or he might sue you!

Will Donald Trump be able to do something about The First Amendment? Probably nothing about The Constitution itself no. But The United States have been able to bypass it with it's War on Truth the last several years. People have been jailed over telling the truth.

Can you believe? Donald Trump has a Republican lead House and Senate and he's crying about it. Did he think he was being elected King of The United States?

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