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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dean Westlake is trying to pass the buck onto us

The Alaska State Government is trying to figure out a new income tax. I understand what their thinking is. We're facing a budget crisis.

But what about the oil industry?

Well lets be a little fair here. The House is trying to lower or get rid of subsides for the oil industry. Which is great news. We're all in this together and we should all give up something to help the team right?

"HB 111 also lowers the profits tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent."
 Oh well look who won the pony there.

The working folk gets taxed more with a new state income tax while the oil industry gets a lower tax rate at 10 percent!?!?

I want someone to comment and defend this. Go ahead tell me how it's fair.

It's not just taxes. I have a commercial driver's licence. I live in Kotzebue, Alaska. Five years ago I got my licence in Kotzebue. But now with there being no DMV where I live I have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a flight down to Anchorage. Oh and if I feel like it maybe I could pay for a hotel and some food too.

And imagine if you live in one our the surrounding villages! You have to pay for a flight to Kotzebue then another to Anchorage.

So we get taxes more while getting less. The oil industry gets less taxes.

You might be telling me "Oh well they get less subsides. So they're giving up something too."

 Well look won the pony there.

Dean is looking not only to give them a lower tax rate but he's also looking to open ANWR for the oil industry where they could make billions and billions of dollars off our oil.

Dean Westlake didn't go to Juneau to fight for you and me. He's helping the oil industry take our land. If you ask me I think it's about time to dump Dean.

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