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Sunday, April 30, 2017

I didn't get any change and I lost all my hope

In 2008 I was in high school anBarack Obama was talking about hope and change. And I bought into that.

So Obama was elected on that; hope and change. We needed change badly after George W. Bush disastrous terms in The White House. He'd brought us into two wars we were losing badly and he had crashed our economy.

So what did Obama change? We're still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't forget he also destroyed Libya's government and now Boko Haram is a big problem. And the bank are too big to fail! Nothing was done to prevent another financial crisis like the one we had in 2008!

People were speculating what Obama might do now that's he's out of office. Well he decided he'd follow in Hillary Clinton's footsteps.

So Obama is taking money from the Wall Street bankers that destroyed our economy back in 2008. And if we give them the chance they'll do it all over again.

If The Democratic Party wants to lose to Donald Trump in 2020 like they did last year they might as well just follow in Clinton and Obama's footsteps.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

You're only helping Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter was supposed to speak at The University of California, Berkeley but there was threats of protest. There seems to be this idea at collage campuses that there needs to be a safe place from outside ideas that go against your own.

So what has making Coulter call off her speech done? It's made her relevant! All she ever does is spew nasty nonsense and that's why the right loves her! They don't agree with anything she has to say but she gets herself in the news by saying these things and making you angry.

You don't have to agree with anything she's saying but The Constitution protects everyone's right to speak freely. She has a right to offend. You don't have a right to not be offended.

So am I saying you shouldn't be offended by what she says? No I'm not. You shouldn't like anything she's trying to say if you're Conservative or Liberal.

What's her ultimate goal? To get attention. And now you given it to her.

You just have to ask yourself who is Ann Coulter? If you ask me she's some lady who has written some really stupid books. That's all she is. She didn't have any power over you. She wasn't that relevant. So let her speak!

Why do we protest Donald Trump? Because he's The President! Why do we go to town hall meetings to give congressmen a piece of our minds? Because they have power in government and we put them in the position to represent us.

If your co-worker says something dumb at work do you protest them? No you don't. Why? Because they don't have power over you.

The First Amendment protects everyone's right to free speech. If you're going to protest someone you should be smart about it. There's more to do on a Thursday than protest Ann Coulter like studying for your finals or going out to watch a movie.

A Climate March happened today

Another march happened today and it was for Climate Change. People who been on this blog before know that I'm someone who supports the battle against Climate Change and it's deniers. People who were marching in Washington DC were hit with record heat.

Some people's argument in government and the Corporate Media is that it snows outside so Climate Change is fake news.

So what's the argument from the other side? Let's be fair and share a video from the other side.

It's the Climate Change has always changed. In the video the man says extreme weather over the years has gotten better which isn't true. He's laying or pulling information out of his rear end.

And they seem to push Science like it's some kind of religion but it's funny they won't hold Christianity to the same task.

You don't have to take the majority of scientists word on this. Look at what's happening to Kivalina or South Florida. These places are suffering from rising oceans. And you can look at the fact that The Arctic Sea ice keeps getting thinner and smaller every year. Maybe if someone is dumb enough to challenge you on that you should just explain to them when ice melts in their cups of water or soda that the drink will get warmer. Tell them to go ahead and test that theory out.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Why is The Republican Party so tribal?

So we're over 100 days in Donald Trump's presidency and my life hasn't really changed. So far there's nothing huge I can blame on Trump or praise him for. I guess he did kill the TPP which Hillary Clinton was all for. That was really good.

But my life hasn't changed. I live in the same world. I live with the same economy.

But that's not true if you ask Republican voters. The economy is much better than Obama's just 100 days into The Trump Presidency they seem to think.

It's not just that but Syria seems to be a real problem not that Obama is out of The White House. I don't know what's changed in the last 100 days but take a look at this poll.

This is why it's so frustrating to talk to Republicans. The discussion on their side isn't about policy but rather it's about party.

If you ask me this is even crazier than nationalism. All it took was a change in The White House for these people to change their minds.