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Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Climate March happened today

Another march happened today and it was for Climate Change. People who been on this blog before know that I'm someone who supports the battle against Climate Change and it's deniers. People who were marching in Washington DC were hit with record heat.

Some people's argument in government and the Corporate Media is that it snows outside so Climate Change is fake news.

So what's the argument from the other side? Let's be fair and share a video from the other side.

It's the Climate Change has always changed. In the video the man says extreme weather over the years has gotten better which isn't true. He's laying or pulling information out of his rear end.

And they seem to push Science like it's some kind of religion but it's funny they won't hold Christianity to the same task.

You don't have to take the majority of scientists word on this. Look at what's happening to Kivalina or South Florida. These places are suffering from rising oceans. And you can look at the fact that The Arctic Sea ice keeps getting thinner and smaller every year. Maybe if someone is dumb enough to challenge you on that you should just explain to them when ice melts in their cups of water or soda that the drink will get warmer. Tell them to go ahead and test that theory out.

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