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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our government is being bought

Last night I started reading When Money Talks by Derek Chessman and I have to say it's a real eye opener. The book covers the money spent on politics and the bogus argument that money is speech.

Going though chapter 1 it's interesting to see how our free speech is regulated and rightfully so. You know you shouldn't be yelling profanities while going down the street. While there's many other ways it's regulated such as the volume we speak or where we do it. And it's all justified to protect other's property rights and their well being.

But what has happened recently is that our voice is being drowned by large corporations thanks to The Citizens United ruling by The Supreme Court.

It shouldn't be no surprise to any of you that our congressmen are being bought off. My question to you though is why do we take it? Well I say it's time to take action and people are as you are reading this.

I announced that I'm running for office and I know it's going to be hard. I'm someone who has worked for everything I have. And I feel that people will be behind me if this state income tax does pass and it begins to hurt them in their pocket books.

Recently former President Barack Obama has taken $400,000 to make a speech to the same Wall Street bankers that crashed our economy back in 2008.

We elected him to do something about the banks that crashed our economy. Instead what happened was they got a bail out and now the too big to fail banks are bigger than ever!

This is why I left The Democratic Party. They were supposedly for the people but that ended up not being very true. I'd rather get my support from the people rather than trying to line my own pockets from special interests.

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