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Monday, May 1, 2017

No thanks Steven Mnuchin

Former Goldman Sachs banker and current Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin went to Wall Street managers and told them they should thank him for financial deregulation. He's gone out of way to help his pals get better stocks.

Don't forget who crashed our economy. It was the too big to fail banks like Goldman Sachs who are still to big to fail! It should surprise no one that he went to Washington to help his bosom buddies.

If you thought Donald Trump was going to Washington to "drain the swap" well you were conned. His administration is the most terrible one in the history of our country. Just look at who he's looking out for in this video.

It's a long video so I understand if you don't watch it. So I'll talk about one of the things he said here.

He said getting rid of The Estate Tax, or as I like to call it The Billionaires Tax, will help farmers. Is there farmers out there that have this much money? I think I'm detecting a lie here.

Also he said getting rid of The Billionaires Tax will help people who worked hard for their money. That's not true at all! I work hard for my money but none of my taxes are going done if The Billionaires Tax is taken away. You know who it would help a lot? Someone like Paris Hilton. Has she ever had a hard day of work in her life? Like her or not I think the answer is no. Oh and it would also help Donald Trump a lot too. Look at who won the pony there.

And since the super rich will pay less taxes under The Trump plan guess who has carry more of the load? Hard working people like you and me.

No thanks Steven Mnuchin.

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