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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Re-Animator (1985) movie review

Re-Animator is a fun campy film from the mid '80s that's a loose adaptation of some stories H.P. Lovecraft wrote for a magazine. The best thing about this film is they play around with a lot of ideas like what if we bring a person back to life and they keep bringing it up a notch like when they brought Dr. Hill back to life after his head was severed from his body to bringing his body back to life without his head. I really enjoyed just seeing the insanity of what was happening in the film escalate. I really like the practical effects in this film, with the only bad one I can remember was that cat that West brought back to life because the cat didn't look real at all.

This is a fun film but not great. I'm not watching it anytime soon but I might take a look at it again in October. I was able to see it for free on Hulu and if you can I'd recommend it. 7/10.

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