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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Mario Kart's DLC breathes new life into the game

Since the first wave release of Mario Kart 8's new DLC I've gotten back into playing the near decade old game. I know plenty complained that there hasn't been a new addition to the series outside the mobile gotcha game, but we should remember the game originally released on The Wii U, a console that was a failure for Nintendo. On The Wii U the game was able to sell 8 million copies, while on The Switch the game has sold over 43 million copies. So, there was certainly room for this game's community to grow even years after its release date. Instead of giving us a new title with barely any improvements, or worse less content, it's a breath of fresh air that instead that our older titles get new exciting content.

Paris Promenade is a wonderful track that has you racing along monuments like The Eiffel Tower and The Arc de Triomphe. Shortcuts are hidden and items are needed to get through them. This map probably has the largest piranha plant I've ever seen in this game, looking to snatch players that get too close. This track also changes on the third lap, having you drive through the course in the reverse direction!

Toad's Circuit is probably the most basic of the game and is my least favorite from the first wave of new DLC. There are shortcuts that you can't miss before the finish line.

Choco Moutain is the track that I was looking forward to playing the most out of these and it doesn't disappoint. This track is certainly one of the more dangerous levels, with boulders rolling off the mountain onto the racers. Not only that but you have bats to dodge while making your way through a cave before making a large jump. And the track ends with several large bumps that may help you get past a few players who haven't done tricks to boost their way to the finish.

Coconut Mall is a fan favorite from The Wii and is a greatly welcomed addition. Just like in a real mall this one has several escalators, and this game allows you to follow your childhood dreams of trying to go up the one that's going down. That's not what you want to be doing though if your plan is to win this race. Along with some really tight turns there's fountains and trees you can use to do tricks and gain an extra boost. There's a jump from the mall to the parking lot where you have to avoid parked cars before reaching the finish line. This is certainly a go to track in online races.

Tokyo Blur has you racing through the largest city in The World. Just like real life when you're driving around in a city you run into some nonsense, but instead of construction there's thwomps in the middle of the road! You gotta be ready for whatever this game is going to throw at you, from blue shells to tracks that change between laps.

Shroom Ridge gives you the challenge of trying to race in traffic. With the tight roads I find this track more difficult than Toad's Turnpike but it gives you a chance with it's ramp that's hidden out on a field.

Sky Garden has you racing in the clouds and this map favors those who can use boosts to get through this track's shortcuts.

Ninja Hideaway is a track with several secrets for you to find. There's several things coming at you to slip you up, like spikes coming from the ceiling or bananas that appear before the jump in the course. I normally have trouble with the extremely sharp turns, bumping into walls or even flying off the track.

I'm having fun playing all of these tracks and I certainly look forward to when Wave 2 comes. Of all the kart racing games that comes out Mario still comes on top as king, even with a game that game out in 2012. If you own a Nintendo Switch this game is certainly a must own title and you should check out the new content coming out.

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