City of Kotzebue News

City of Kotzebue News
Next city council meeting

Monday, June 13, 2022

Early Special Election results

Leading right now with 32,371 votes, 29.77%, is former governor and onetime Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

In second place with 20,994 votes, 19.31%, is executive chairman of FarShore Partners and grandson of former Representative Nick Begich, Nick Begich III.

In third with 13,563 votes, 12.47%, is orthopedic surgeon, commercial fisherman, and former candidate for Senate Al Gross.

Right now, in 4th place with 8,101, 7.45%, is former State Representative Mary Peltola. People are predicting North Pole city councilman Santa Claus, right now at 4,864 votes, 4.47%, can pull ahead and make it onto the ballot for the special election in August.

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