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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Things will get dangerous as the radical right gains power

George Washington set a huge precedent when after severing two terms as president he stepped down, saying that he didn’t defeat King George the Third to become King George the First. Probably even more important several years later when John Adams lost an election to Thomas Jefferson, we had a change of power without any violence driving it. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for our last presidential election, after centuries of the peaceful transfer of power a mob stormed the capital, hoping to overturn the election and keep Donald Trump in The White House.


Often bringing up this serious issue people who support(ed) Trump will laugh this off, claiming that there’s no way that such a thing would ever happen. Thankfully out institutions were strong enough that democracy won out and the winner of the election Joe Biden was sworn in as president several weeks later. I want to point out when a crime is committed that the result isn’t the most important factor, but rather what the intent was. You couldn’t get off with a slap on the wrist if you shot someone, intending to kill them but couldn’t because you have bad aim. The people who stormed the capital hoped to subvert democracy in order to keep their cult leader in office.


Donald Trump isn’t just guilty of trying to subvert the democratic process, he continues to do so by spreading the lie that the election was stolen. This would still be concerning if only a fringe faction of The Republican Party believed him, but it’s far worse, with half the party not only believing his lie about election fraud. And right now, Trump looks like he will be that party’s nominee in 2024.


Unfortunately, this is a tread of a growing radical Republican Party. A huge story came out recently that a 10-year-old girl was raped and had to cross state lines to get abortion pills. Someone that young cannot possibly live through the labor process. Conservatives went from calling the story fake to blaming Biden for immigration policies, even though the man had lived in this country for seven years. The bigger problem they want us to ignore that Biden has mandated that if it’s necessary to save a mother’s life that they must be given an abortion, but Texas is now suing his administration over the least the president can do. So, does this mean that Texas would force the 10-year-old girl to give birth to the child, even though it would kill her? This isn’t a “pro-life” position, this is using state power to control women.


Freedoms that we’ve taken for granted is now being put on the table. Justice Clarence Thomas has said now that Roe vs. Wade has been overturned this opens the possibly of ending rights like gay marriage and anal intercourse. We thought that abortion rights would be put in danger like they are now, but this is just the beginning for the increasingly radical right.


We can’t even look to The Democratic Party for help, as not only do they continue to do as little as they can, but also prioritize the people who donate money to their campaigns. Things will only get worse if wars like the one in Ukraine cut off supply chains. We may see an economic collapse on a worldwide scale. Neither party is interested in preventing this, rather severing their doners in The Military Industrial Complex. We’ve seen for decades that The United States would rather try to solve issues with military might rather than diplomacy.


The world is becoming a scarier place, which is way it’s going to become necessary to arm ourselves. We shouldn’t trust the same government that’s stripping our rights away with our protection. We’ve seen what the police prioritize when children were getting massacred in Uvalde, Texas. A video has been released showing while kids were getting gunned down in a classroom police hide behind riot shields down the hallway for over an hour. And the response from the mayor of Uvalde was to call the media chickens for daring to release the footage.


The real job of the police is to protect those in power, not help the citizens of this country. While the police were happy to massacre people breaking curfews during the riots in 2020, they failed to act when children were being killed down a hallway. The militarization of the police hasn’t happened to make us safer, but rather keep us in line with fear.


These are increasingly dangerous times. I suggest you do what’s necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones. We’re seeing radicals use the power of the state to take our freedoms away for their nonsense beliefs. We’ve told ourselves before that this or that could never happen in America, but we’re keep being proven wrong.

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