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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Getting desperate about climate devastation

I was reading the new Arctic Sounder and on page 3 there’s an article on using reflective beads on the ice to deflect more heat from The Sun. There is concern if these glass beads would be good for the environment, so the team has said if this stuff is harmful to phytoplankton they’ll just shut the project down.

Research project aims to spread reflective beads on Arctic Ice to slow climate warming


This is only an attempt to slow down climate devastation, we should be taking far aggressive actions to combat it. Imagine if The United States spent the money to redesign their cities and build a high-speed rail network around the country. Anything you need should be within walking distance from where you live. People should control the streets instead of vehicles.


The point is while projects like this are interesting and is done with good intentions, this isn’t going to solve anything. I really don’t know when America is going to get out of late-stage capitalism, if it ever will. I don’t know if we’ll ever get true Communism either, sadly authoritarians have led people to believe that whenever the government does anything that it’s Communism. Unions have been making gains in this country, but I don’t see workers becoming class conscious.


This reminds me of that thing Mr. Beast is doing, helping get garbage out of the ocean for views on YouTube. Yeah, sure that’s nice, I guess. But the reality is this cleanup is going to last 3 years, and the amount of garbage being removed will amount to what is dumped into the ocean in 15 hours. It’s still a nice gesture but it doesn't accomplish anything. We need systematic changes, because they system right now produces too much waste. Our system of Crony Capitalism incentivizes waste, things that have lasted for years/decades before are now outdated in a few years.

Cell phones are a great example. Products like that are made to become obsolete in several years, with updates that make them run slower, and use more battery power. Not only that but Apple has made changes to make their old power cords obsolete. Is it necessary to make people buy new cords for their phones? And how many cases are there for a specific phone that won’t be used in a few years?


On page 4 of The Arctic Sounder there’s an opinion piece about an upcoming event called The Just Transition Summit. And the writer is certainly right that The State of Alaska has been heavily dependent on polluting revenue streams. As long as well have a state legislature that is bought by the oil industry we’ll never move forward.

Just Transition's website

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