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Monday, May 9, 2022

Rapid Chess Arena May 8th

When Black played b4 Stockfish is telling me that I shouldn't even care about the knight and just put my rook on the semi open file. I don't know if I'm ever going to be a good enough player to want to do moves like that. I'm not finding the fastest way to checkmate either, but I won the game with Black resigning because I was up so much material.

I made a bunch of blunders in the opening, Stockfish says I should have just gotten my Queen into the game instead of trying to improve the pawn structure. Even with that I got into a winning endgame and failed because I forgot to keep my King in front of my pass pawn. We ended up agreeing to a draw.

I blundered my knight on move 10, trying to go on the attack. I made a bunch of blunders in a row trying to create an attack on The Queen's Side when I should try to defend where I was being attacked. I ended up being checkmated.

I blundered my knight on move 11, thinking the other knight was pinned. Stockfish says I should have gotten my Queen in to protect my King at the end but I was losing anyway and I wanted to keep up the attack. I got checkmated again.

White didn't play The French Defense correctly, so I had an advantage almost the entire game. Stockfish says I made 4 great moves in this game, and a lot of it was trying to cocoon my King so White's Queen couldn't check me. I was up so much material I kept trying to offer a Queen trade and they wouldn't take it. I ended up checkmating them with my knight who was out of the game for 25 moves.

I decided to capture White's knight with my King and Stockfish says that I was wrong, instead I should have attacked their Queen by pushing g5. I did do that a move later but now it's a blunder. I made so many mistakes and blunders in a row trying to capture material instead of defending my postition. I ended up getting checkmated in the middle of the board.

This is the first time I've won a game with The Four Knights Opening. I made a massive blunder with Qxf7+ because I thought my bishop was on h5 for whatever reason. I fought and made a comeback. I didn't play the game perfectly, but I found checkmate being down material. I went against just capturing Black's bishop because it wasn't really involved in the game anyway, so my knight was far stronger.

I just have no idea what to do when someone plays The Caro-Kann Defense, I'm not an advanced enough Chess player to be messing around with what I should be doing in openings anyway. I had a better position when Black blundered but Stockfish wanted me to sack the knight. So, I should have just sacrificed the knight to just bulldoze my way through the d file. I didn't like it when I played Qb4 in the game and it was a blunder. It's just too passive for a move when I'm under attack. Stockfish isn't happy that I didn't defend the pawn on c2. I knew Rdh1 didn't do anything, but I was stumped, and even with the best move I was still losing.

Pushing f6 when I did was such a huge blunder. I was so worried about the knight when I should have just ignored it and pushed a6 instead. Thankfully for me I did kick the knight instead of them playing the best move Qh5+. I pushed g6 and that just allowed a fork that White thankfully never saw either. I did blunder with Qb5, but I decided to offer a Queen trade and with that I went from losing to being better. I blundered my knight but thankfully for me White blundered as well, I was able to infiltrate on the open c file, and I went on to win the game.

Black did a brilliant move, I missed winning free material like just taking the knight and the pawn on d5. I think I was tilting when I did Qe8+ and for whatever reason Black resigned after capturing my Queen. I'm looking at their position and there's no was I would have resigned. Something must have pulled them away from the arena.

I'm going to use the ending of this game for some posts, because it really shows why you shouldn't resign, and it's never over. I made mistakes by doing the wrong captures, I was prioritizing White's knights instead of their pawns. If you go through the game, you'd probably be thinking it's over like I was, but I know some people just are not good in the endgame, so I just played it out. Going to Qb3 was such a huge blunder by White and that was the only move there that stalemated the game.

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