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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Starting Knockout Home Fitness

When I was working for Brice Construction, I was talking to this surveyor and he brought up that he needed a level. Without an actual level anywhere he pulled out his cell phone and used an app in place of a level. He told me we have all these wonderful things that can be put to great use, we just need to use them. When it comes to my cell phone I probably give myself too much screen time going over what's happening on Twitter, when I could get more utility from it.

The same could be said about my Nintendo Switch. It's a gaming console so of course I've used it mostly for entertainment. Even when not playing a game I spent hours on the device watching videos on YouTube and Hulu. Recently I've been seeing how far I could get into the game Donkey Kong without losing all my lives. But there's games I could use for more than just entertainment.
While the fad of games having motion controls has died down since The Wii days there's still options out there with games like Knockout Home Fitness. Everyone who follows me on social media will know that from time to time I'll post how much I weigh and how much I've lost in a week. It's been pretty sporadic. I figured if I post my weight all the time that I could maybe shame myself into working on losing weight. It didn't work, I'd just quit posting how much I weigh for several months at a time.

No instead what I needed was to make it fun. I had to figure out a way at working at losing weight that wasn't a chore. Knowing games like this exist I decided to give it a try.
Today is the first day I played this game and it's certainly different than games I'm used of playing. But not always being able to just go outside I need some way to workout that's fun. Like any other game this isn't one I'm going to play forever. I mean come on this isn't Tetris. But this could open the door to something else and doing the same old same old hasn't really gotten me anywhere.

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