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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Rapid Chess Arena May 7th

I've been playing The French Defense and I keep failing to be aggressive in the opening. Stockfish says I shouldn't have even bothered taking White's Bishop and went Qxb2 instead. White resigned after 18 moves because I was up so much material. 

Stockfish says Re1+ was a great move, I just remember Rooks belong on open files is all. I didn't think Ne6 was a good move but I thought it was the most fun thing to do. I checkmated black by moving my Queen over The King's Side.

My opponent resigned after 17 moves. N64 was a mistake but White never took advantage of this. I also missed a great fork but White resigned anyway right after that since my position was so much better anyway.

I have no idea what to do in The English Opening so I just got the knight out. I missed Qxg7# and I really shouldn’t have.

Things started going downhill for me when I missed that my knight was pinned to my Rook but decided to “take a free pawn.” Yeah, I really didn’t win the exchange there. It’s crazy the Stockfish thinks I was winning after move 10 but I didn’t take advantage of it at all. Perhaps I should just concentrate on development moving forward and getting more pieces into the attack.

Instead of taking a free knight I pushed a5 to kick the bishop. I did see Bxh2+ but I figured that didn’t really do anything so I went Qh6 instead to try get checkmate, Stockfish says I should have done otherwise. I resigned after Ra7+ because I saw that I was going to get checkmated.

The whole game Black was working on trying to checkmate me on the g2 square and I worked at making sure that didn’t happen up to the end of the game. I got tunnel vision with my incredible pass pawn and blundered the game.

This game started going downhill for me when I decided to save my bishop instead of using my rook to go after black’s night, and the way the game ended I really should have done that.

Boy Bxc4 was really unfortunate by me, I blundered my Queen there. I should have went Bd4 but I kept playing and used the fact that Black’s was vulnerable to win material.

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